Rocky Mountain Mumiyo
  • Rocky Mountain Mumiyo

    Mumiyo is the result of a multi-century long process of the breaking down of plant matter and minerals. It eventually becomes a sticky, black, tar-like substance that oozes from rocks in high mountain ranges that once turned into a mineral pitch is an amazing addition to one's health routine. Our superior quality, small batch produced Mumiyo comes from the Rocky Mountains and is sustainably wild-harvested by hand. 


    Mumiyo, more commonly known as Shilajit or mineral pitch, is rich in humic and fulvic acids as well as a host of minerals. Studies have shown that Mumiyo is really helpful in the treatment of:

    -Alzheimer's Disease

    -Restoring Testosterone Levels & Helping the Male Sex Drive

    -Chronic Fatique Syndrome


    -High Altitude Sickness

    -Iron Deficiency Anemia

    -Male Infertility (although we have known Women to get pregnant easily after taking Mumiyo)

    -Improving Heart Health


    Our Rocky Mountain Mumiyo is something we highly recommend for most people to take on a daily basis!



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      For Liquid Rocky Mountain Mumiyo the Size is 1oz. There are approx 7gms dissolved in Pure Distilled Water. The product has been tested through numerous labs to contain less than acceptable leves of Heavy Metals, Hazardous Microbes, or Toxic Elements. 

      For Pitch of Rocky Mountain Mumiyo the size is 5 ml with approx 7 grams of pitch. 

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