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Lab Update:

New Miron Dark Violet Bottles For The Apothecary!

1 spray = 3 of our old drops!

No evaporation of product


Over the next month or so we will be updating our spagyric apothecary to reflect our new bottles, dropper top options, and sizes. Our new bottling sizes will be: 1ml (standard amber glass with orifice reducer), 5ml (miron glass comes with standard spray top option but you can upgrade and purchase a dropper top),
15ml (miron glass comes with standard spray top option but you can upgrade and purchase a dropper top). 

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Over 270 Spagyric Pharmacopeia & Growing

All of our Spagyric Pharmacopeia have been made with Organic, Wild-Harvested, or Bio-Dynamic Starting Materials. 

All purchases support our Research in the field of Spagyria & Wellness

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Forest Trees

 We Are A Certified Reforestation Partner 

1 Tree donated for every item sold in our Spagyric Apothecary 

& 5 trees planted for every $100 spent on Education

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- Phoenix Aurelius

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Spagyric Alchemy

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Spagyric Alchemy

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Spagyric Alchemy

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We launched our own Alchemi-Culture Podcast in the spring of 2021 and are so excited to share all this amazing free content with you!

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