Alchemi-Culture Information & History

Alchemi-Culture Information & History

This Information was taken from an old alchemi-culture website that Phoenix ran back in 2017/2018 that has since been de-activated as his focus has shifted towards building up the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy. Ultimately the Research Academy will incorporate an updated model of Alchemi-Culture into it's framework and teachings, but until that time, the following information could make an interesting read.
"First and foremost, Alchemi-Culture is a model of Hyper-Sustainable Food and Herb Production that employs the use of Alchemical Philosophy & Spagyric Technologies to create highly effective Agricultural Solutions. We also offer cutting-edge Analytical Services for Soil, Water, Farm Animals, Live Plants, Dried Plants, and more using Intrinsic Data Fields. To crown our offerings, we offer our very own certification of purity known as 'Alchemi-Safe' which is specifically meant to provide a stamp of Energetic and Physical Purity for both foods and supplements.  -  Phoenix Aurelius, Founder of Alchemi-Culture
Alchemi-Culture Mission
Like All things Alchemical, Our Mission is Tripartite, being Broken into the Archetypal Tria Prima: Sulfur, Mercury, & Salt. Each of these three Aspects of our Organization are constantly working together to refine and exalt the potential of the Organization as a whole.
  • Sulfur Level:    To Weave Alchemical Philosophy into the Social Fabric of our modern paradigm to solve the worlds greatest sociological issues. We hope to inspire and cultivate a Global Culture of Individuals, Businesses, and Organizations Who Use Alchemically-Inspired Ingenuity and Sustainable Design Principles to overcome Individual, Environmental, & Sociological Crises.
  • Mercury Level:    To Provide Engaging Media that drives interest in Alchemi-Culture Methodologies and Philosophies and promotes the spread of the movement.
  • Salt Level: To Provide the Education, Resources, Services, and Products necessary to Cultivate an Alchemical Renaissance in the 21st Century and beyond.​
Alchemi-Culture's History
Hosted in 2012 at Crone's Hollow in Salt Lake City, Alchemi-Culture began with a small group of Permaculture Enthusiasts and Alchemical Students discussing Innovative Solutions to many of today's most impending sociological crises. The host of that initial meeting and the founder of the movement was Phoenix Aurelius and he was joined by Grant Stewart, Bryan Hollingshead, Kristy Marie Fry, Barbara Emery, Melissa Smolley, Jill Patton, Michael Pierce, and others. With an enormous idea and no real grounded approach to sharing that idea, Alchemi-Culture was slow to get off the ground. 

Even when Alchemi-Culture began producing Media and Introducing Itself to the Public In 2013-2014, its efforts were scattered. Sometimes focusing on informing people about Alchemical Theory and showing the Relevance and Applicability of Alchemy, and other times teaching Agricultural techniques, Alchemi-Culture wasn't really a cohesive movement for years to come. It was just an idea with a logo that was being worked on slowly and brought to fruition.

Initially, it was conceived that it might be easier to make a culture of alchemists than to turn permaculturists and agriculturists into alchemi-culturists. During those early days, Agriculture, Viticulture, Silviculture, and Aquaculture were definitely part of the overall focus, but not the sole focus of the movement and it was difficult for outsiders to distinguish how everything fit together. Phoenix himself, being exasperated at trying to relay such a large concept, ended up focusing the efforts elsewhere to see how they would come to shape the movement. In later 2012 / Early 2013, Phoenix teamed up with Michael Pierce and started performing experimental video broadcasts using the Google Hangouts and YouTube Live Platforms, which were very new and widely overlooked at that point. 

Using these platforms, Alchemi-Culture experimented with the pilot episodes for "Alchemy TV" and Alchemical Journey TV and a number of other online broadcast ideas. Though no one segment lasted very long, there are lots of pilot episodes and a bunch of various interviews and alchemical content that were released with the Alchemi-Culture logo and sanctioned as part of Alchemi-Culture. In fact, as the capacity of the Streaming Video Services offered by Google kept being updated and the crew learned how to do more and more, Alchemi-Culture eventually broadcasted labwork episodes and other co-hosted interviews live from the Amazon Rainforest in April of 2014. After these Episodes from the Amazon Rainforest, Alchemi-Culture took a short break while Phoenix Relocated from Salt Lake to Ogden, Utah. 

Late 2014, things started coming together for the organization. The surface was barely scratched concerning the possibilities of traveling and broadcasting Alchemi-Culture Programming with Original Content. Still, the content being created didn't really have a context. It was mostly friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who agreed to appear for the limited exposure Phoenix was able to offer while the organization still dialed in the technology, equipment, and approach. Trying to still relate the holographic nature of the Principles of Alchemi-Culture seemed to be an uphill battle. The idea required much more critical thinking than most modern people were capable of processing and the movement was still getting overlooked.  

In 2015, Phoenix decided to take a particular stand on where Alchemi-Culture needed to go as an organization. He felt that he would be able to provide the most transformation to our society by being able to provide homeowners with an economic incentive to grow their own food and herbs. It was a huge dream, but what greater Transformation could we hope to see from modern society than local food and herbal sources springing up in communities the world over and resulting in a massive drop in our reliance on fossil fuels and other natural resources?

Phoenix wanted to show how easy it was, so he converted a huge portion of his landlord's rental property into a Permaculture Garden to prove the sustainability and low cost of doing such a thing. That Garden Produced Organic: Hopi Blue Maize, Aztec Black Maize, Raspberries, Six different varieties of tomatoes, Zucchini Costata Romanesca, crookneck squash, Longenaria cucuzzi edible gourds, Loofah Gourds, Cucumbers, Goji Berries, Beet Berries, Golden Berries, Cossack Pineapple, Basil, Oregano, Sunflower, Echinacea, Mallow, Mullein, and a variety of other native plants and herbs. Wanting to share the basic concepts behind Alchemi-Culture Gardening, Michael Pierce inspired Phoenix to quickly dictate content that eventually got edited and compiled into The Alchemi-Culture Organic Gardening Manual.  

Around this time, Alchemi-Culture formed a board and had a President, VP, and Secretary and it felt like there was more progress happening than ever. Receiving great introductory response from that little published manual and having proof of the success of an Alchemi-Culture Garden, the Board of Alchemi-Culture decided to press forward with the mission of helping homeowners convert their yards to beautiful gardens full of food and herbs. Colter Gilliland, the owner of Green Thumb, oversaw labor and installs, Phoenix oversaw design, and Michael oversaw Media. 

To further their mission, Alchemi-Culture applied to be incorporated as a non-profit project of the Cosmic Nudge, INC, which is a 501(c) Non Profit Organization. During that time, the organization adopted Alchemi-Culture as one of its Projects, since the new goal of the Alchemi-Culture Project fit perfectly within the charter of the Organization. The website was updated and just like that, Alchemi-Culture became official. Phoenix Spoke at the March Against Monsanto 2015 event and advertised Alchemi-Culture as being a Non-Profit Project and being capable of receiving donations. In exchange for donations, the Alchemi-Culture Crew shows their gratitude by converting the best areas of a donor's yard into a sustainable, low-water use garden space. As you can imagine, the response was huge and immediate because of the press coverage! 

Shortly thereafter, Phoenix received a call from the Dept of Licensing for Non Profit Organizations for the State of Utah. They came up with a charge against the Parent Organization that was later proven to be completely fabricated. Still, until the fine they levied against the organization was paid in full, Alchemi-Culture had no right to accept donations without being subject to legal action. They had to not only withdraw all their advertising and marketing efforts, but also refund the donations of any donors made since becoming a part of the organization. Being deflated from the experience and eating the costs of the refunds himself, Phoenix severed ties with the Parent Organization and put a pause on the Alchemi-Culture movement for a few years.

During that time away, Phoenix moved to Portland and was involved in caretaking a Mid-Size Aquaponic Greenhouse as well as an Aquaponic Kitchen System, a No-Till, Organic Indoor Medical Cannabis Cultivation System, and total of about 800sqft of Outdoor Organic Vegetable and Herb Garden Space. During this time, Phoenix met Permaculturist, Ryan "Yeti" Crist, who exposed him to the Build-A-Soil method of Cannabis Cultivation and also provided various adaptations of that method for numerous forms of agriculture. He also designed/built the Aquaponic Greenhouse and helped Phoenix learn the fundamentals of the system. Having the opportunity in that private research greenhouse to perform highly experimental work using Vertical Growth Systems, Flow-Through Wicking Systems, Flood-&-Drain Systems, and Aeroponic Systems was amazing. And having Yeti's advice and guidance was invaluable in helping Phoenix discover the key that helped him develop the concept of Alchemi-Preps.

Using Alchemi-Preps, EM-1 Microbes, Aquazyme, Enzymes from Sprouted Corn/Barley Milk, Bokashi, Vermiculture Compost, Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae, and a handful of Organic Raw Materials such as Glacial Rock Dust, Azomite, Basalt, Gypsum, Shilajit, Rice Hulls, Coco Coir, Peat Moss, Crab Shell Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Oyster Shell Meal, etc; Phoenix felt he was finally able to grow Cannabis, Vegetables, and Herbs with nutrient density and vitality that he could be proud of. But it was expensive, even buying all those things in bulk. Cannabis prices may allow a farmer to spend money like that, but common grains and vegetables do not allow for that kind of intense cost. With that said, Phoenix dialed in a great Aquaponic Protocol that he ended up calling Alchemi-Ponics, which uses high microbe cultivation and the extraction of live biomass, similar to the principles of Bioponics. The entire Greenhouse got converted to Biodynamic Seed & Biodynamic Preps were circulated into the water along with other microbe sets. And that's what got Phoenix really into cultivating microbes.

He started working with a variety of symbiotic microbial cultures and applied them to both Agricultural and Aquacultural projects and monitored the progress. Eventually, he was able to demonstrate that he had stumbled upon a unique culture of Archaea, Bacteria, and Fungi that exhibit enzymatic effects on all organic & inorganic toxicity when applied to water and soil as well as on foliage. With over a year of Research and Development after the initial formulas were developed, this was essentially the Birth of Alchemi-Zyme. Alchemi-Zyme was the key to being able to effortlessly establish and maintain any type of agricultural/aquacultural endeavor you might imagine.

Using Alchemi-Zyme led Phoenix into the idea of Alchem-Ecology and using Alchemi-Zyme in Forests, Water-Ways, Rural Mountain Valleys, Ponds, Lakes, Reservoirs, etc; to chelate and actually transform heavy metal content, neutralize radiation, dissolve crude oil and other synthetic fluids, and so much more. And so he started experimenting with it in Portland in Forest Park with Patches of Devil's Club and other indigenous herbs and foods along creek banks. Aside from a few workshops Phoenix has offered under this term, Alchem-Ecology was not well documented, but it follows the same principles as Alchemi-Culture, but the impetus is for the evolution and wellbeing of the land and the life forms thereupon. 

In 2017, Phoenix once again began constructing more Alchemi-Culture Garden Projects and Alchemi-ponic Systems. He set up 2 Custom Alchemi-Ponic Systems and 3 Agricultural Plots. Not having time or availability to update Alchemi-Culture Theory or methodology with the things learned until September 2017, Alchemi-Culture sat on the shelf. And over the Fall of 2017, Phoenix began writing about his work and slowly bringing the movement back to life.

At the time this blurb was written, Phoenix was focusing on getting the Philosophy and Methodology out to the world and working towards helping others understand the importance and simplicity of growing with Microbes to Transform our Culture from the Ground-Up. He planned on having Alchemi-Culture once again hold online events and summits to teach people about the Alchemi-Culture Methodology. At present, Alchemi-Culture is providing Experimental Analytics using IDF detection to provide grass-roots individuals with the understanding they need to save money and take their agricultural efforts to the next level. 

Before Long, Phoenix is hoping that Alchemi-Culture will be able to host Alchem-Ecology retreats and teach people hands-on Permaculture, Silviculture, And Mycoculture in wild and primitive areas.