Elevated Essentials: Distillation Skills For the Production of 4 Items of Aurelian Spagyric Pharmacopoeia

Elevated Essentials: Distillation Skills For the Production of 4 Items of Aurelian Spagyric Pharmacopoeia

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September 9, 10, 11, 12, 2024 (10am -6pm all days)

Limited to a total of 8 attendees 

 In this 4-day immersion, students will learn the dynamics of various styles of distillation that build a further foundation for more advanced Alchemical and Spagyric work.

This immersion study opportunity will focus on various styles of distillation and methods of working with fixed sulfur.

We will be making multiple items of Aurelian Spagyric Pharmacopoeia in just 4 days: Cohobated Spagyric Tinctures, Rarified Spagyric Tinctures, Spagyric Essences per Destillatio, and Philosophic Spagyric Essences.

Students will learn what each item of Pharmacopoeia is used for and why we would make one over the other based on its applications. We’ll then run through the entire laboratory process of making these four items from beginning to end, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Aurelian Theory Concerning Various Items of Pharmacopoeia

  • What Each Item of Pharmacopoeia is Used For

  • Lab Safety

  • Discussions Concerning Preferred Equipment 

  • Essential Oil Distillation

  • Distillation via Retort

  • Distillation via Alembic

  • Working with Fixed Sulfur

  • Separating Various Grades of Fixed Sulfur

  • Calcining Fixed Sulfur

  • Making Each Item of Pharmacopoeia

  • Reaction of Salts and Characteristic Changes

Students will walk away with a 5mL bottle of each of the Spagyric Products that we make during the week. More importantly, students will walk away with skills to make a wide variety of items of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia, each with their own applications.

Additional Info (Lunch): A healthy Organic Lunch will be provided that adheres to Ayurvedic Food Combination and Seasonal Guidelines each day so you can stay on campus, socialize with the group, and get back to education quickly after lunch is over. We will do our best to cater to the dietary preferences of the group as a whole, though if you are especially sensitive or have a particular diet that you must adhere to for medical reasons, we ask that you prepare your own lunch and bring it with you. We do have refrigeration on site for you to store your lunch in. Please email Norianna with any questions or requests at norianna@phoenixaurelius.org. 

Snacks and spring water will be provided as well. 

Additional Info (Hands On):  Students will take turns performing various processes throughout the weekend so each attendee will have the opportunity to get some hands-on experience during the weekend, but this particular offering is not a full hands-on experience. It is highly recommended to bring a notebook as well as your phones, audio recorders, cameras, and any accompanying file storage devices you might want (like additional Micro SD cards, USB Drives, etc). You are encouraged to take photos, videos, and audio recordings so you can reference the equipment, processes, special techniques, etc. We request that you don’t share the information without our written consent, though sharing clips of your day on Social Media Platforms is just fine as long as you tag us in your post. 

Save $ By Registering For Both Courses:  If you are want to register for both this immersion study and the "Making Aurelian Spagyric Tinctures & Essences" immersion study, you can get a $250 discount.  Simply add both courses to your cart and use the coupon code: Aurelian to save $250 off your total cost. 

Lodging & Transportation: 
You are responsible for your own
lodging, and transportation. Our facility is located at 2360 N. Mountain Rd. Ogden Utah and is run out of our home. We recommend searching Airbnb or checking out this hotel that is close by:

Comfort Inn: https://www.choicehotels.com/utah/ogden/comfort-inn-hotels/ut137?mc=llgoxxpx

This is a nice airbnb a recent private student recommended that is only a few minutes away from our N. Ogden facility. https://www.airbnb.com/slink/ExFpRJED

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