Transpersonal Alchemy: Ancient Formulae for Conscious Transformation

Transpersonal Alchemy: Ancient Formulae for Conscious Transformation

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8 Week Course Starting From March 12th to April 30th, 2024
Event held live on Zoom each Tuesday from 18:00h - 20:00h MST (6-8pm MST). Read below for details.

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This is an online 8 week course from March 12- April 30th, 2024, being held live on Zoom each Tuesday from 18:00h - 20:00h MST (6-8pm MST).  Each class will be recorded on Zoom so Live Participation is optional, but recommended. Class Recordings will be made available for all enrolled Students.

This 8 week course teaches you how to perform Holistic Transpersonal Transformation on yourself using the same processes Alchemists use in the laboratory to transform natural materials. Far from just a theoretical study, students will be guided through how to apply Alchemical Processes to their Human Condition in order to transform that which seeks to be exalted. Once you learn this 7 step process, you can use it to transform anything about yourself you choose and can continue doing so the rest of your life with this Ancient Formulae now in your hands. This course can serve as the map to help you explore the Volition of your Soul and and learn to embody your Purest Spiritual Expression! 

{Check out this blog Phoenix wrote about Transpersonal Alchemy to learn more about the 7 processes}

In its broadest sense, Alchemy can be viewed as the Art and Science of Transformation. Modern Physics asserts that Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it is constantly Transforming from one state/phase to another through a series of perpetual processes. This is an Objective Truth whether we are looking at dense states/phases of Energy like Matter or more subtle states/phases of Energy like Thoughts & Emotions, The Volition of the Soul, and Spiritual Development. In a world where an enormous part of our human experience is based in Subtle States, learning how to apply Alchemy to these aspects of our Reality is exceptionally helpful if we hope to achieve any significant measure of Conscious Transformation.

Phoenix has been teaching Transpersonal Alchemy since 2012 and has provided hundreds of students with this information. In his view, it is the most relevant application of Alchemy because it is applicable to each and every individual. We all have traumas, aspects of ourselves that are disintegrated, and aspects of ourselves that we don’t necessarily like - by utilizing the information given in this course, each participant will be successively guided through the Alchemical process to extract, isolate, and purify the Virtues and Positive Aspects of ourselves while learning to Purify and Redirect the negative aspects of ourselves so that our entire being (Soul, Spirit, and Body) can undergo proper Exaltation/Transformation. 

For those studying Aurelian Medicine:
Transpersonal Alchemy is incorporated into Aurelian Medicine in numerous places. The techniques used are fundamental for sorting out issues pertaining to Ens Dei. It is also used for all later laboratory modules within the context of Aurelian Alchemy, which is a prerequisite study to produce Aurelian Spagyric Remedies. Lastly, it is a critical part of all psychological and spiritual guidance within the Aurelian tradition.

Special note: 

A small number of scholarships are available as are payment plans, and possible discounts for serious students who may need financial assistance in order to take this course. For International Students, discounts may be available for those who inquire based on country and currency exchange rates. Please contact for more details.



Once you pay for this class you will be getting an automatic link at the end of your purchase (as well as in your email) to be able to download a PDF named: Registration Document For Transpersonal Alchemy 2024. You MUST download this document as it has the zoom link you will need and all other pertinent information for this class series. 

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