Medical Astrology Commentary: For Those Studying The Art of Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology Commentary: For Those Studying The Art of Medical Astrology

I was quoted on a Crrow777 Interview a while back as mentioning in passing that I can readily deduce the majority of illnesses and conditions a person is likely to experience throughout the course of their life by looking at the position of Mars and Saturn. While that is true, my comment was perhaps vastly oversimplified because I wasn’t speaking to an audience where medical astrology was the focus of my talk. That said, there are plenty of people who have reached out asking me about this, so just let me provide a more detailed response. In Spagyric Medical Cosmology, there are 5 causes of Disease; Ens Astrale being just one of those 5 causes. That said, the position of Mars and Saturn in the Natal Chart [using's Chart Calculator or equivalent Sidereal software and settings that are true to IAU Data] will be indicative of what types of conditions pertaining to Ens Astrale a person is likely to be subject to throughout the course of their lives.

For folks who are interested in studying Medical Astrology, I suggest using Judith Hill's Medical Astrology: A Guide to Planetary Pathology as their first primer on the matter. If you don’t have a background in Astrology yet, I strongly suggest taking Athen Chimenti’s Course at Once you learn how to perform calculations and understand how to perform basic Sidereal Astrology, then you can reference Judith Hill’s book to find out all the 'reflexes' and meanings of Mars and Saturn in the constellations. Just remember that she is a Tropical Astrologer so she does not use 13 constellations and she also uses 30* to each sign, (which is far from the case when you actually observe the constellations from any geocentric perspective). That said, there are some major adjustments that need to be accounted for which you will not find other medical astrologers discussing very frequently.

The 1st thing you need to know is that Ophiuchus, the Serpent Handler, deals directly with DNA and Genetic Sequencing.

The next, is that there are not equal degrees to each of the constellations, yet each of the houses do have equal degrees. So if you use the same house system as Athen, it will show you accurate correlations.

The next thing is the incorporation of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which should be taken into consideration though they were never used historically. With that being said there is a bit of a grey area, as I have not yet confirmed the actions or qualities of those latter three planets or found out what actions they have in Medical Astrology charts.

Once the above points are taken into consideration, you will need to know the actions of all the historical planets in each constellation and house as well as pay special attention to the location of the Sun [which tells us the Quality of Chi in the body] and the location of the Moon [which tells us how that Chi is likely to be characteristically drawn to and distributed through the body], as well as to both Lunar Nodes, [which tells a person where excesses and deficiencies of Energy are likely to be experienced]. That data, at the very least, needs to be used as a context for Mars and Saturn and their positions and reflexes. If you don’t take all of this into consideration, you’re only looking at MAYBE ⅕ of the critical data to help you obtain a comprehensive perspective.

To go along with this, your accuracy will be far greater if you take the time to learn all your 'Aspects' such as Trines, Squares, Oppositions, Conjunctions, Quincunxes, Sextiles, etc. Not always, but more often than not, there are aspects from Mars and Saturn to other planets or cosmic forces [like the lunar nodes] in a Natal Chart and those need to be factored in because it shows correlations and causations which, if not paid attention to, will cause a person to solely focus in on the Symptoms, not the Root Cause of the disease.

For instance, let's say that Mars is in Libra in a natal chart, which can indicate Hot/Dry conditions in the Renal System and/or Adrenals. One popular symptom might be Renal Disease such as kidney infections/nephritis, but adrenal fatigue is another, eczema and acne are yet others,and low low back pain from T-12 down is also very common [and all of this just taking into consideration Mars in Libra, not its Opposition, Quincunxes, or Square Relfexes]. But if there is another planet aspected to Mars in Libra in the latter third of Taurus, for instance, then that might be indicative of Thyroid or Parathyroid issues being tied into the causation, which relates back to the Endocrine System. That tells you a lot about the potential symptoms I just mentioned that have their root in Mars in Libra. So if a person suffers from adrenal fatigue or exhaustion and in their Natal Chart they have Mars in Libra aspected by Quincunx or opposition to the South Lunar Node in Taurus, then that is indicative that there is a deficiency of Endocrine Hormone or Neurotransmitter Structure or Function in the Thyroid or Parathyroid that needs to be assessed to get a firm handle on the problem. Therefore a person needs to take a look at the hidden causes of Thyroid Structure and Function, Thyroid Disorders, and learn about Neurotransmitter function as well as going 'upstream' through the HPA Axis in order to get to the root of the issue. This includes taking special note of all the Endocrine Glands/organs before the Thyroid in that chain of command in order to find the actual predispositions and root causes of the symptoms. Sometimes this is indicated in a chart by further aspects, but more often than not, the Root Cause is somewhat elusive and takes a lot of knowledge of modern medical pathology to piece it together properly.

I briefly mentioned reflexes earlier and Saturn and Mars both have several. Oppositions and squares MUST be taken into account for both Mars and Saturn, plus Mars also has Quincunxes that need to be looked at. NEVER EVER disregard all the reflexes of Mars and/or Saturn because those will tell you a lot about the concomitant symptoms that are likely to accompany the Main Problem and help you dial in what you need to research. The reflexes should be factored in first before you run your aspects, actually, as it will help you dial in the scope of symptoms before you begin to find the related causation of the condition[s].

If you start studying today, in 2-5 years, you will be able to begin understanding what the root cause is. And then if you want to formulate for those imbalances, you will need to cross reference peer reviewed literature and historical literature and be trained in Professional Spagyric or Herbal Methodologies. I have found that traditional literature is bang out of order and even Paracelsus himself decried the Astrologers of his day, saying that they are unlikely to find remedies to cure their patients by using Medical Astrology and common formulation technique. That said, he himself developed and produced spagyric medicines under particular Lunar Astronomical Cycles to harness certain potencies and he also had a very advanced system of Talisman-Making known as the ‘Seals of Paracelsus’ which can be found in his text, Archidoxes of Magic. So in context, he wasn’t decrying Medical Astrology altogether - he was saying that conventional data and practices are largely skewed.

I suggest running charts on your entire family and people you know who are willing to provide you with detailed medical background and history along with ALL major and minor symptoms they experience and seeing if you can 'reverse-engineer' the symptoms they have [had] based on their Natal Chart. It is best to use clients older than 56 years old when studying Saturn's effects, because at that point Saturn will have provided 2 transits and they also have more data for you to draw from. If you track this for long enough, you’ll begin to see patterns emerge and then you can distinguish between causes of disease due to Ens Astrale from others.

For those who would like to schedule a Medical Astrology Consultation so I can go over all this information for you about your own Natal Chart [or Charts for your clients], just purchase a Wellness Consultation and write all the Natal Data [Birth Location, Birth Date, Birth Time, Full Name] in the comments section and mention that you want me to analyze your Natal Chart. Even though the wellness consultations say they last for 1 hour, it's more likely 1.5 - 2 hours that we spend, but you don't get charged more if we go over the hour time frame. In my experience, this will give you the answers you want a whole lot faster than you will be able to find them for yourself because I already have 6+ years of clinical experience working with clients in this regard. I spent 2014 and 2015 split testing every method of Astrology I could find, formulating spagyrics based on medical astrology data, and tracking wellness clients’ symptoms and causes of disease. Moreover, if you're simply looking to formulate something to combat Ens Astrale for yourself or loved ones, the Wellness Consultations are of further benefit because I can also provide you with suggestions of herbs and or Spagyrics that I would use in your shoes.

If you were to begin studying medical astrology today, it would likely take a long time for you to be able to formulate something effective to help combat any imbalance in your Ens Astrale. If you do your research and education properly, it will take you years in the least. It took me having over 50 clinical trial clients and tracking each of them monthly over a 13 month period to dial in my knowledge and expertise on this subject.

Even though this doesn't sound modest, I have far more experience, not to mention accuracy, than any other medical astrologer I have ever encountered because I have approached my study in terms of split testing the results-both split testing accuracy of Astrological Calculations as well as Split Testing Spagyric Formulations. At length, I learned that the other 4 Entia need to be factored in if a person is to be comprehensive in their understanding of the Pathology of an individual and can not simply rely on the interpretation of the Natal Chart because not ALL diseases or conditions a person suffers from will be indicated in the Natal Chart. In fact, only a portion of pathology even seems to correlate to Ens Astrale.

Hope this clarification helps all of you out there practicing Medical Astrology, especially in conjunction with herbalism or Spagyria! There is at least one popular Herbal School on the west coast that is rampantly spreading traditional information which is not accurate at all. I can demonstrate that traditional Western Medical Astrology works around 60% of the time at best. The marketing strategies of the school attract a lot of students, and many of those students are then under false persuasions that they are working with a correct system of Medical Astrology. I can demonstrate that these assessments are no more than 60% accurate and the herbs being used are marginally effective - I know this because of my own mistakes early on which led to my split test trials in ‘14+’15. I have also worked with many disgruntled clients and students from that organization which then end up studying with me only to have their illusions shattered in our first lessons. So work things out for yourself and don’t delude yourself and make your observations fit inside the conventional box, otherwise you will be half as effective as you can be.

May you be blessed with the persistence and determination to follow this interest through to its fruition. It is a very frustrating path and there is far more misinformation and poor technique being circulated than good information or technique. So you will have to work it out like a scientist and perform split tests for yourself to get to the heart of what you hope to find out.