Ghost Pipe, Freeze-Dried, Spagyric Tincture
Ghost Pipe, Freeze-Dried, Spagyric Tincture
Ghost Pipe, Freeze-Dried, Spagyric Tincture

Ghost Pipe, Freeze-Dried, Spagyric Tincture

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This Freeze-Dried Ghost Pipe Spagyric Tincture is made from the freeze-dried flowers of the Ghost Pipe plant. Monotropa uniflora is also known as ghost plant or Indian pipe. Our Spagyric Tinctures are made with Organic, Ecodynamic, or Wildharvested Biomass and Tinctured with Organic Cane and/or Honey Spirits as our Veg Mercury. Once the tincture is made, we add Spagyric Salt of Salt of the Vegetable Kingdom and digest until reactions have stopped.
Historically, Ghost Pipe Flower has been used as a sedative antispasmodic, diaphoretic, for pain relief, migraines, emotional pain, neuronal disorders like psychosis, acute anxiety, nervousness, irritability, restlessness, and convulsion episodes.
We make no claims as to the uses or efficacy of this product. There may be an enormous difference between what the herb has historically been used for and how any particular Spagyric Preparation of the herb can be used.

We aim to begin using IDF Analysis to provide IDF data of the detected phytochemicals and uses of each of our items of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia. Purchases of this product help to fund this enormous research project.





Ghost Pipe Monotropa Uniflora.

This Product is for Spagyric Research Purposes Only. Any information provided is simply to provide context for how this herb has been historically used or how it is used in other cultures and in no way is meant to be construed as a medical claim. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. These statements havenot been approved by the FDA.

• 5 ml bottle contains roughly 100 drops, which is about 33 sprays.

• 15 ml bottle contains roughly 300 drops, which is about 100 sprays.

Customers can choose between 5 ml and 15 ml bottles. The 5 ml and 15 ml bottles are Miron dark violet glass and have a spray top. An additional dropper top can be purchased for either size by clicking here- 5ml dropper top and 15 ml dropper top.

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Customer Reviews

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Lana H
Sacred Ghost Pipe

Wow , where do I start.. this is truly a powerful medicine and spirt. I'm respectful to this plant ally. I have been using 1 spay 4× a week. I have noticed improvements having more energy and concentration for daily tasks,feeling more rested as well as feeling more grounded. Have noticed more opeings of my heart and root center from working with this medicine. Ghost pipe is so precious and more is needed to be done to keep it thriving for years to come!
Having the Spagyric Tincture has opened me up to other ways of administering plant medicine then the traditional dosages of 20+ drops up to 3× a day methods. I feel this is the right direction for more sustainably. Highly recommed

Rae Nunez
Ghost pipe

This tincture is AMAZING! With in 45 minutes this magic tincture quits my brain and allows me to sleep so deeply. Deep like before I had responsibilities.

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