Agricultural Concepts & Tips (Written For a Newbie Performing No-Till Agriculture)
1. Don't perform mono-culture. No till mono-culture works about as well as cleaning your whole house with a toothbrush. In theory, it could possibly be done, but it will take a long time and you'll encounter a lot of problems....
A Hobbit's Commentary on Powdery Mildew
Those who know me well know that I absolutely love gardening and farming. It comes with being an over-sized hobbit. One of the biggest problems with gardening, especially in the summer months, is Powdery Mildew. I have TONS of experience...
Medical Astrology Commentary: For Those Studying The Art of Medical Astrology
I was quoted on a Crrow777 Interview a while back as mentioning in passing that I can readily deduce the majority of illnesses and conditions a person is likely to experience throughout the course of their life by looking at...
Epihpanytide & The Gifts of the Magi
In case you haven’t heard, for the entire antiquated “Octave” of Epiphanytide, which is from January 6th - January 14th 2020, we are offering a 40% discount on the Gifts of the Magi Spagyric Formulation along with Royal Frankincense [Boswellia sacra] and Omani Myrrh Spagyric Tinctures. Why? To celebrate Epiphanytide, of course!
Holistic Dental Care Resources
It is a common misconception that one needs to go to the Dentist for oral health. In this blog I have outlined various resources that have greatly informed my own paradigm of Holistic Dentistry.
Food Chemistry, Contamination, and the Missing Link To Wellness
In the 21st Century, we are experiencing an all-time pinnacle of processed foods using Chemical Additives. Along with that pique of food additive processing, we’re seeing these processed foods playing a key role in the degeneration of the health of our citizenry. Though it maybe has never happened on quite this same scale, I don’t think most people understand that this is a centuries-old problem that is still out of hand.